Household Cleaning Helper

28 Nov 2020

The disposable cleaning wipes can be made with different function, kitchen grease wipes, filter for kitchen chimney, dust cleaning wipes, glass cleaning wipes, and wet wipes for kitchen, wet wipes for floor, furniture, toilet and so on.

Commercial Using Cleaning Helper

28 Nov 2020

Considering of special requirements of the workshops, we supply series cleaning solutions to remove the oil, grease, and bacterial. The material can be PP melt blown materials, PP Hydrophilic material, Woodpulp spunlace material, Scrim Paper.



super hydroscopicity


Not easy to shed

Not Easy To Shed

Easy decontamination


Kristen Scott


Environmentally degradable


Solvent resistance

Solvent Resistance

economical and practical

Economical And Practical

F&Q For Cleaning Wipes

Establish the Business Relationship

1Is OEM or ODM accepted?
Yes, OEM and ODM are both accepted. Actually, more than 80% of our orders are OEM or ODM.
2Is it possible to make the cleaning wipes according to we required composition?
Yes, considering of the usage and requirements of the cleaning wipes, the composition can be quite different. We can do according to the customers’ requirements. And help the customers complete their ideal wipes or devices.
3What’s the MOQ?
Normally, the MOQ should be 1000KGS.
4Is sample available?
Yes, free samples will be available. We can also make count samples. The courier freight should be taken by the customers.
5What’s the Term of payment
Our term of payment is 30% deposit, remained by D/P or T/T before delivery.
6Which is the port of loading?
Shanghai port is our port of loading for both Air and Sea delivery

About the Usage of the Cleaning Wipe

1Which cleaning wipe is the best?
It’s hard to say which cleaning wipe is the best. The composition, weight and style can be designed according to the usage and apply of the wipes. The most appropriate one is the best wipe.
2Are the wipes washable?
Yes, the wipes can be washed. And it can be used after being washed. Unless the wipes are very dirty, it can be washed and used several times.
3Why use disposable cleaning wipes?
For the places required to be high cleanliness, like hospital, school, laboratory, foods supply places and so on, the disposable wipes can help to avoid of being 2nd time polluted. Also, for the places rather dirty and oily, like the workshops, equipment, and even kitchen and so on, the normal rags are rather difficult to be cleaned. It is suggested to use disposable cleaning wipes. The wipes will be throw away after using, and no need to wash.
4Are the wipes bad for environment?
The wipes are not bad for environment. We choose Biodegradable material. Compostable and Flushable materials are available as well.
5Are the wipes bad for your safe?
Of course NO. The wipes are made of virgin material, with 0 Fluorescent agent. Even for wet wipes, the formula of the detergent added are special designed according to the use, and completely safe for body.
66. Will the cleaning wipes scratch ?
Don’t need to worry about it. The cleaning wipes can be used almost all of the surfaces. They are safe and soft, they make the cleaning work easier and won’t scratch any surface.

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