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Woodpulp Spunlace Nonwoven Disposable Cleaning Wipes

Workshop use for Oil and Liquid Cleaning Cloth

Natural wood pulp and polyester fibers as products raw material, through spunlace process, form a unique wood pulp/polyester two-layer structure. Tough and durable, has the features of water and oil absorbent, soft, lint dust, anti-static.

1) clean, don't produce fiber cuttings, good cleaning quality
2) soft, but very good Scrubbing and Cleaning power, leaves NO residue, and don't make any scratches when cleaning, don't damage the surface of objects
3) super absorbency capacity of Oil/Water/Solvent/Coolant, four times faster than ordinary cotton wipe 4
4) excellent performance of anti-dissolution
5 ) no static electricity
6) superior tensile strength, high strength, flexibility, durability, economic and practical
7) Specially Apply to: Heavy-duty oil cleaning in production environments
    Like all kinds of printing ink leakage, machine tools, and maintaining of large equipment.
  • DWI-05
Woodpulp Spunlace Nonwoven Disposable Cleaning Wipes

Natural wood pulp and polyester fibers as products raw material, through spunlace process, form a unique wood pulp/polyester two-layer structure. Tough and durable, has the features of water and oil absorbent, soft, lint dust, anti-static.

1) clean, dont produce fiber cuttings, good cleaning quality
2) soft, dont make any scratches when cleaning, dont damage the surface of objects
3) super absorbency capacity, four times faster than ordinary cotton wipe
4) efficient removal of water-soaked and oil
5) excellent performance of anti-dissolution
6) no static electricity
7) superior tensile strength, high strength, flexibility, durability, economic and practical
8) environmental protection, bio-degradable


1) industrial cleaning: Cleaning for electronic precision parts, testing, laboratory equipment, glass, ink and equipment, etc.

2) civil cleaning: Applied wet towel, compressed towel, kitchen cleaning, etc. The series products are absorbent, biodegradable, environmental health, soft and strong, feel comfortable, etc.

3) medical and health care: Surgical clothes

Woodpulp Spunlace Nonwoven Disposable Cleaning Wipes

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