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Daily Use Disposable Nonwoven Wet Wipes

Wet wipes
The material for wet wipes is very soft, smooth and comfortable;
a) It won't scrach the surfaces;
b) And won't stimulate the skin at the same time;
c) It is Eco-friendly.

Note: Please do TURN OFF the electronic appliances before cleaning.

1. Material: Nonwoven, Flushable material is available
2. Usage: Electronic appliances, LCD, Keyboard, Lens and so on
3. Specification: Customerized
4. Packing: Customerized
5. OEM: Available
6. Flushable: Available
  • Disposable Sanitary Products
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Woven
  • ISO9001
  • Jiangsu China
 Daily use Disposable Nonwoven Wet Wipes 

Safety and quickly clean. Multifunctional wet wipes, can be designed for all kinds of surfaces or electronics, clean and protect the surfaces at the same time. Can be used in Restaurants, Gym, Hospital, School, Office, Public or During Traveling etc. 

Product Features:
1.Quickly remove;
2.Alcohol free,all with non-toxic materials. 
3.Soft and thick for gentle cleaning.
4.Store in room temperature.
5.Different fragrance is available,such as lemon,apple, chamomile, green tea, ect.

6. Used for cleaning Hands, Computer,  Furniture, Car parts and so on, won't scratch the surfaces;
7. Won't stimulate skin;
8. Customized spec., package. And Individual pack is available.

Daily Use Disposable Nonwoven Wet Wipes

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